About Me


I'm Clara, the face behind ClaraDesigns! When I am not painting, sewing or embroidering you can find me either enjoying the outdoors or working on classic cars in the workshop which I share with my boyfriend!

Clara Designs really began in 2019, when a little piece of my personal artwork was exhibited in a competition at East End Prints in London. This led on to selling prints and postcards throughout the next few years on Etsy until I graduated from Product Design at Loughborough University in 2021. This was when I decided to take the next step and  go into my business part time. The first wedding I worked on was in 2020, and was the inspiration for the business as it is today! I try to incorporate a traditional and simple style into both my work and life, heavily inspired by the calming beauty of nature. Alongside my illustration work I enjoy making and selling prints, handmade hair accessories, handmade earrings and hand painted homeware.